the travel experience onOUR PRIVATE JETS

Jet wing

52 first class flatbed seats compared to 239 on a commercial Boeing 757 aircraft

6.5 feet of personal space in full-seat recline

Mid-height rear privacy screens and personal ottomans with storage

In-seat power outlets and USB ports

In-flight use of noise-cancelling headsets

Custom mood lighting and spacious overhead bins

On-demand in-flight entertainment

Wi-Fi, where available

• Configured with 76 business-class seats compared to 239 standard seats on a commercial 757 aircraft

• Generous 50-inch seat pitch (distance between rows)

• Seats recline to a comfortable 45-degrees

• In-seat power outlets

• An experienced flight crew and staff are at your service throughout your trip

• In-flight use of noise-cancelling headsets

• Not currently Wi-Fi enabled

• 46 seat Fokker 70


• 45-degree seat recline


• Five-person flight crew at your service throughout the journey


• Not currently Wi-Fi enabled

TCS World Travel can work with our aircraft partners to source an appropriate jet, perfect for your journey. We are able to source light, mid-size, super-mid-size, and heavy jet for any trip.

• 4-14 seats

• Dedicated flight crew

• VIP catering

• WIFI where available (extra cost)

• Sleeping arrangements where available

• FBO and VIP ground handling where available

• 24 Hour Flight support

Service and Meals


Throughout your flight, you’ll have highly trained staff and crew with years of experience at your service. They’ll know your name, your likes and your dislikes, so you can have the most personalized experience possible. All inflight meals and beverages are included, as well as a selection of beer, wine and spirits. In addition, we can accommodate your food allergies or special dietary requirements.

Onboard Amenities


Your personal cabin bag contains your individual inflight amenities, such as a hat, slippers, travel socks and skincare kit. A number of other items are typically available on board upon request, ranging from a sewing kit to earplugs and an eye mask. In-seat power outlets are available to charge your personal devices.

Entertainment (Boeing 757 Programs Only)


An onboard tablet is available for each guest, allowing you to access our in-flight entertainment system and to follow along with lecture presentations. The in-flight entertainment system provides every guest with personal access to a selection of current movies, documentaries and TV shows. Noise-canceling headphones are provided to listen to entertainment or to block out extraneous noise.

Insightful Lectures


Speakers from world-renowned organizations enrich your experience with their expertise. Our experts come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including history, art, science and diplomacy. On expeditions offered on our Boeing 757, our lecturers will share their insights about each destination during flights. (On other itineraries, lecturers will present in the destinations).

How Private Jet Travel Saves You time

The logistics experts at TCS World Travel duplicated our flagship Around the World private jet expedition on commercial airlines to figure out how many flights you would have to take to spend the same number of nights in each iconic destination featured on this 24-day trip by private jet.

24 Days vs 34 Days

24 Days vs. 34 Days

TCS World Travel's Around the World expedition is a 24-day trip. You’d need 10 extra days to replicate it flying commercial, including four forced overnight stops between flights.

15 Flights vs. 26 Flights

15 Flights vs. 26 Flights

Our private jet flies direct to most destinations on this expedition. Be prepared for 11 additional flights on commercial airlines, including six overnight flights and no direct connections.

73 Hours vs. 112 Hours Travel Time

73 Hours vs. 112 Hours Travel Time

Flying direct cuts down on travel time, making for a more enjoyable in-flight experience. If you flew by commercial air, your overall travel time would increase by about two days.

9 Hours vs. 84 Hours in Airports

9 Hours vs. 84 Hours in Airports

Traveling by private jet cuts down on time spent waiting at the airport. You'll spend 74 additional hours—or more than three days—waiting at airports in between flights if you go commercial.

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