World of Adventures is a 24-day globe-circling journey aboard the Four Seasons Private Jet. From the Seychelles to the Galápagos, experience the rare, the wild and the beautiful on this trailblazing voyage across four continents.

24 Days 11 Days
9 Destinations 11 Destinations
52 Guests 11 Guests
Big Jet big jet Boeing 757
Pace - Relaxed pace Relaxed Pace
Flatbed Seats Asset 60 Flatbed Seats

What's Included

This all-encompassing itinerary includes accommodations, all meals, transportation, and a wide variety of exclusive excursions and activities.

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  1. Temperature temperature 70F/52F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.6 inches
    Currency currency U.S. Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT -7

    Seattle is the gateway to your around-the-world adventure.

    A warm welcome awaits you in Seattle. For the next 24 days, we’ll take care of every detail you can imagine, including those you haven't thought of yet.

    Seattle to Japan 11H 50M (includes tech stop)
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  2. Temperature temperature 80F/60F
    Rainfall rainfall 9.2 inches
    Currency currency Japanese Yen
    Time Zone timezone GMT +9

    Kyoto is your window into Old Japan.

    With 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, Kyoto has an abundance of quiet temples, gardens and colorful shrines, each a unique setting for wonder and contemplation. Four Seasons is your key to experiencing Kyoto’s distinct mix of traditional Japanese culture and modern influences.

    Japan to Bali 6H 55M
  3. Temperature temperature 85F/77F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.8 inches
    Currency currency Indonesian Rupiah
    Time Zone timezone GMT +8

    Bali's natural beauty is diverse and abundant.

    Nestled deep in the jungles along the Ayung River, Bali's central highlands region is a cultural oasis that invites you to take a moment to yourself. Get to know the island's dynamic local culture, imbued with a deep sense of spirituality.

    Bali to Seychelles 9H 30M (includes tech stop)
  4. Temperature temperature 83F/78F
    Rainfall rainfall 3.9 inches
    Currency currency Seychelles Rupee
    Time Zone timezone GMT +4

    Brilliant blue waters welcome you to the Seychelles.

    Relax on secluded white-sand beaches, marvel at your lush surroundings and immerse yourself in the serenity of the Seychelles from your hilltop retreat.

    Seychelles to Rwanda 3H 50M
  5. Temperature temperature 74F/53F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.5 inches
    Currency currency Rwandan Franc
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    The Virunga Mountains are a haven for rare mountain gorillas.

    Following the oceanside serenity of the Seychelles, our jet touches down in the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” where the wildlife experience of a lifetime awaits. In the forest-covered mountains of Rwanda, come face-to-face with a family of mountain gorillas.

    Rwanda to Marrakech 7H 45M
  6. Temperature temperature 87F/62F
    Rainfall rainfall 0.3 inches
    Currency currency Moroccan Dirham
    Time Zone timezone GMT +1

    Welcome to the fascinating Red City.

    Marrakech is Morocco’s exotic imperial city and gateway to the Atlas Mountains. A visit here is a full sensory experience brimming with exotic flavors, bustling markets and expansive desert-meets-mountain views.

    Marrakech to Bogotá 11H (includes tech stop)
  7. Temperature temperature 64F/48F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.4 inches
    Currency currency Colombian Peso
    Time Zone timezone GMT -5

    Bogotá offers a culture and elegance unique to South America.

    In Colombia’s lively capital city, eye-catching street art and colonial architecture seamlessly coexist. Enjoy a cup of the country’s famous coffee before discovering its trendy shops, historic landmarks and exciting nuevo Colombiano cuisine.

    Bogotá to Galápagos 3H 20M (includes local flight)
  8. Temperature temperature 85F/67F
    Rainfall rainfall 2.1 inches
    Currency currency U.S. Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT -5

    Embark on a bespoke cruise through the Galápagos Islands.

    Comprising more than 18 islands and dozens of smaller islets sprinkled hundreds of miles off the coast of Ecuador, the Galápagos offers landscapes and wildlife found nowhere else on earth. Absorb the unique setting while in the care of Four Seasons.

    Galápagos to Miami 6H 10M (includes local flight)
  9. Temperature temperature 90F/76F
    Rainfall rainfall 9.7 inches
    Currency currency U.S. Dollar
    Time Zone timezone GMT -4

    Miami is an ideal spot to celebrate your journey with new friends.

    The sunny weather of Miami provides a warm welcome as our jet touches down in our final destination. Settle in to your hotel room and relax after your adventure. As the Florida sun sets, toast to your travels and enjoy a night’s rest before returning home on an independent flight.


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Service, Powered by People

Rely on the expertise of Four Seasons as they personally escort you from one world-class destination to the next. Their smooth start-to-finish service ensures that every detail is seen to at every step along the way. They assist with visas and travel forms, and make clearing customs and immigration a breeze with private, expedited service wherever possible.

Javier Loureiro

Javier Loureiro

Four Seasons Director of Guest Experience

The former long-serving Chef Concierge at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, D.C., Javier Loureiro is a Four Seasons veteran who joined the company in 1979. His goal is to elevate every aspect of the journey and ensure a seamless Four Seasons experience.

Journey Manager

Journey Managers

You will travel with an experienced journey manager and assistant journey manager, who will manage all the logistics of this program, fill out customs and immigration forms, handle your luggage and ensure that your experience is worry-free.

Chloe Thomas

Chloe Thomas

Four Seasons Global Guest Services Manager

Chloe has been working with the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience since 2014. She loves preparing guests for their journey by helping them to imagine each destination they will visit.

The Four Seasons Private Jet

Experience the luxurious design and exceptional attention to detail you have come to expect at Four Seasons properties at 40,000 feet when you travel the world aboard the elegant custom-fitted Four Seasons Private Jet. Designed by the same team that conceives the style and character of Four Seasons hotels and resorts, the distinctive Boeing 757 ensures that you fly in comfort and style, and arrive rejuvenated and ready for new adventures at every destination.

Welcome Aboard

Every element of the private jet has been reimagined with you in mind, from the leather seats designed exclusively for Four Seasons to the customized amenities. With one crew member to every six passengers, personalized service is guaranteed from the moment you step aboard.

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200ER

Number of seats: 52

Type of Seats: Flatbed (180-degree recline)

Features: In-seat power outlets, USB ports and personal storage ottoman

Amenities: Luxury cabin bags exclusively designed for the Four Seasons Private Jet Experience, Bose noise-canceling headphones and onboard tablet

Four Seasons Private Jet
Seattle, USA
Kyoto, Japan
Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is your window into Old Japan.

Kyoto, Japan
Bali, Indonesia
Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
Marrakech, Morocco
Bogotá, Colombia
Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Miami, USA