Follow the trade winds across the Indian Ocean like explorers of old on a seamless 24-day expedition by private jet. Trace the legacy of the Age of Discovery from India’s tropical Malabar Coast to historic Galle, Sri Lanka. Encounter Madagascar’s unique wildlife and recharge in the Seychelles and Réunion—two island nations shaped by volcanic activity and centuries of trade. 

24 Days 11 Days
8 Destinations 11 Destinations
50 Guests 11 Guests
Big Jet big jet Boeing 757
Pace - Moderate pace Moderate Pace
Lie-Flat Seats Asset 60 Lie-Flat Seats

What's Included

The price of this all-inclusive expedition covers everything from travel on our private jet, hotels, meals and ground transportation, down to all daily activities, top-of-the-line guides, beverages and all tips. 

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  1. Temperature temperature 53F / 40F
    Rainfall rainfall 3.5 inches
    Currency currency Euro
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Your journey begins in historic Amsterdam.

    Fly independently to Amsterdam, a modern center for global commerce that was once the heart of Europe’s Age of Exploration. Meet fellow travelers and your expedition staff at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam for a festive welcome dinner. If time permits, cruise down one of the city’s iconic canals or visit the Keukenhof, if the timing is right, to see a brilliant display of spring blooms. On the afternoon of April 24, we depart for Sri Lanka on an overnight flight.

    Amsterdam to Sri Lanka 12H (includes tech stop)
  2. Temperature temperature 89F / 77F
    Rainfall rainfall 9.5 inches
    Currency currency Sri Lankan Rupee
    Time Zone timezone GMT +5.5

    A rich colonial past and enduring traditions thrive in Galle.

    Located on the sun-soaked shores of southern Sri Lanka, historic Galle was once a vital port, trading in ivory, silk and spices. The highlight of this colorful city is the ancient Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site that juts out into the Indian Ocean.

    Sri Lanka to Indonesia 5H 30M
  3. Temperature temperature 87F / 72F
    Rainfall rainfall 9.3 inches
    Currency currency Indonesian Rupiah
    Time Zone timezone GMT +7

    The lush plains of central Java have a timeless quality.

    Perched majestically on a hilltop, Borobudur was built 1,200 years ago without cement or mortar, and boasts an incredible array of relief stonework. Journey to the top of the temple as you trace the path of the many pilgrims who visit this site.

    Indonesia to India 6H
  4. Temperature temperature 89F / 80F
    Rainfall rainfall 5.1 inches
    Currency currency Indian Rupee
    Time Zone timezone GMT +5.5

    Uncover the legacy left by the spice trade in southern India.

    From Arab traders in ancient times to European explorers during the Age of Discovery, Kochi has long welcomed visitors to its shores. Discover the influence left by these successive waves of visitors and experience the region's serene backwaters on a cruise.

    India to Mauritius 5H 30M
  5. Temperature temperature 79F / 70F
    Rainfall rainfall 7.8 inches
    Currency currency Mauritian Rupee
    Time Zone timezone GMT +4

    Mauritius is famed for its white-sand beaches and a fusion culture.

    It’s easy to understand why the American author Mark Twain once compared this remote island to heaven on Earth. Enjoy a variety of activities under sunny skies and balmy trade winds over three days, from kayaking and golf to rum tasting and cooking classes.

    Mauritius to Réunion 30M
  6. Temperature temperature 80F / 70F
    Rainfall rainfall 4.3 inches
    Currency currency Euro
    Time Zone timezone GMT +4

    Réunion is an island nation of dramatic contrasts.

    Throughout the centuries, explorers have followed the trade winds to Réunion, the next stop on our expedition. Shaped by continuous volcanic activity, this stunning tropical island boasts incredible natural beauty, from sheer mountain cliffs and lava-sculpted landscapes to serene gardens.

    Réunion to Madagascar 1H 20M
  7. Temperature temperature 77F / 61F
    Rainfall rainfall 7.9 inches
    Currency currency Malagasy Ariary
    Time Zone timezone GMT +3

    From lemurs to baobab trees, everything about Madagascar is unique.

    Madagascar is one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Due to its natural isolation from the mainland, some 80 percent of the flora and fauna in Madagascar is endemic to the island. Explore either Andasibe−Mantadia National Park or the Anjajavy Peninsula.

    Madagascar to Mozambique 2H 30M
  8. Temperature temperature 76F / 59F
    Rainfall rainfall 1.1 inches
    Currency currency Mozambican Metical
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Explore the historic city of Maputo or Mozambique's untouched islands.

    With more than a thousand miles of pristine coastline, Mozambique is one of Africa’s undiscovered jewels. Maputo, its capital city, is a fascinating mix of African and Portuguese influences, while the offshore islands in Maputo Bay showcase the country's stunning natural beauty.

    Mozambique to Seychelles 4H 50M
  9. Temperature temperature 88F / 77F
    Rainfall rainfall 6.3 inches
    Currency currency Seychellois Rupee
    Time Zone timezone GMT +4

    Witness the incredible biodiversity of the Seychelles.

    An immaculately preserved island paradise set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles could have been taken directly from the pages of your favorite travel magazine. Nicknamed “The Galápagos of the Indian Ocean,” the islands serve as sanctuary to a spectacular array of wildlife, from giant Aldabra tortoises to tropicbirds. Island culture is a colorful mix of Asian, African and European heritages, creating multiethnic customs that will leave an unforgettable impression.

    Seychelles to Amsterdam 12H 20M (with tech stop)
  10. Temperature temperature 61F / 46F
    Rainfall rainfall 2 inches
    Currency currency Euro
    Time Zone timezone GMT +2

    Return to Amsterdam and recap your journey through the Indian Ocean.

    Our journey ends in Amsterdam where we return to the timeless elegance of the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam for an overnight stay before catching an independent flight home the following day.

Borobudur Temple, Indonesia

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Adam Briehl

Adam Briehl

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Since 2013, Adam has had the privilege to get to know and help hundreds of guests prepare for unique travel experiences. The most rewarding part is meeting the guests before they depart—their excitement is always palpable.

Vicki Huddleston

Vicki Huddleston


Ambassador Vicki Huddleston is a retired career Senior Foreign Service Officer, who is currently a consultant to the Transnational Strategy Group. ​​In 2008, she was part of the Obama-Biden transition team for the State Department.​

Bill Hendricks

Bill Hendricks


Bill Hendricks is a conservationist, wildlife photographer and lecturer who is an expert on island environments and their unique wildlife. He spent nearly a decade in the Galápagos Islands, where he trained and worked as a naturalist guide and conducted research.

Lynn Garrison

Lynn Garrison

Expedition Leader

Lynn’s twenty-plus years of experience runs from travel director to safari leader. Lynn has served on numerous private jet trips. Learn more about Lynn.

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Megan Johnston

Assistant Expedition Leader

Megan has been in the travel industry for over ten years, working in several fields including meeting and event planning, destination management and logistics. She has been an assistant expedition leader on previous private jet programs.

An Experienced In-Flight Team

Throughout your flight, you’ll have highly trained staff and crew with years of experience at your service. They’ll know your name, your likes and your dislikes, so you can have the most personalized experience possible. An executive chef creates in-flight menus with only the freshest ingredients, providing a first-class experience all the way, and a dedicated physician travels with you for peace of mind.


An expedition physician will travel with you throughout the entire journey, providing health care services free-of-charge where needed. Should you become seriously ill en route, the trip physician will be able to liaise with local doctors at your request and, if necessary, your medical providers in the U.S., to assist in determining what further care you may require.

Flight crew

An experienced 15-person crew from TAG Aviation, a leading global private jet operator, will accompany you from start to finish. The crew includes three pilots, an engineer, an operations officer, a chef, and catering operator, along with the eight flight attendants.

Executive chef

An executive chef creates in-flight menus with only the freshest ingredients, providing a first class experience all the way. Dining options usually include a local dish as well as a western meal alternative.

Our Private Jet Experience

The moment you board our private jet, you can breathe deep and leave your worries at the door. The hidden costs of international travel, such as transit time and airport delays, cut into quality vacation time. Flying direct to most destinations reduces overall travel time, maximizing the time spent exploring each iconic destination.

Welcome Aboard

Throughout your flight, you’ll have highly trained staff and crew at your service. They’ll know your name, likes and dislikes, so you can have the most personalized experience possible. An executive chef creates in-flight menus with only the freshest ingredients, providing a first-class experience all the way.

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200ER

Number of seats: 52

Type of Seats: Flatbed (180-degree recline)

Features: In-seat power outlets, USB ports and personal storage ottoman

Amenities: Bose noise-canceling headphones and onboard tablet

52-seat jet